Why Ksnap?

Necessity is the mother of invention.

The evolution of this principle gave birth to the K-Snap wrist training device. In the never-ending quest for athletic improvement, K-Snap enables a player to develop and improve wrist motion, timing, and muscle memory.
The design of the K-Snap tracks where the wrist breaks and identifies this with a definitive click. The device can be adjusted on the wrist and knuckles to identify the proper breaking point of the wrist.

K-Snap was designed to assist an athlete and their trainer or coach develop consistencies throughout the mechanics of that player’s motion. Properly and consistently utilized, the K-Snap will help a user modify their motion and achieve peak performance. K-Snap enables a player to develop and improve accurate targeted motion, timing, and muscle memory.

The necessary wrist motion of each sport is unique. Some sports require extension, flexion, and pronation. Others may rely on supination, radial deviation, or ulnar deviation. Every sport that relies on the mechanics of wrist motion will benefit from K-Snap training. Examples of sports that can benefit from K-Snap training include baseball, softball, football, basketball, golf, lacrosse, and cricket.

The K-snap can be used in practice situations with live action play or on its own with no ball/stick in hand. The more the device is used, the better the outcome. The sound of the click and the physical resonation of the device’s snap help the player focus on the timing of the motion required to achieve maximum accuracy.

We welcome you to the K-Snap family and would value your feedback. To post your comments and upload a video of your athlete training with the K-Snap, please click on “Review K-Snap” located on top of this page. We know you will agree that K-Snap is a total game changer.

Building Konfidence, one snap at a time!