Case Studies

Statistical data aggregated by MZM Corp., an independent researcher.  The subject group participating ranged in age, gender, and sport. The study spanned six weeks and required use of the Ksnap at least four times per week, on and off the field, for a duration of twenty-five minutes or more per session.

The results speak for themselves!



Age 11 and under:

  • 87% reported the Ksnap made them complete their motion with proper fundamentals
  • 94% reported a better understanding of throwing mechanics and release
  • 81% developed a more accurate throw

Ages 12 to 16 :

  • 92% found that the Ksnap allowed them to identify the proper release point
  • 85% developed a more consistent throw
  • 78% improved their spin on the ball and felt an improved strength and speed of the throw

Age 17 and up:

  • 89% felt that Ksnap improved their spin and speed
  • 72% said the throw’s arc decreased, resulting in a better “line drive” throw
  • 42% reported that in just one week, they felt less stress on their shoulder/elbow without sacrificing speed or distance


  • 97% of pitchers said Ksnap is a great tool for developing timing in their motion
  • 93% reported throwing with greater consistency
  • 81% reported throwing faster and with more ball movement


  • 79% of batters said they learned how to snap to the ball
  • 91% reported hitting more consistently
  • 84% eliminated a swooping motion resulting in more line drives and fewer pop-ups


Age 11 and under:

  • 97% reported that the Ksnap improved their shooting mechanics
  • 91% increased their shooting distance
  • 90% developed a more accurate shot

Ages 12 to 16:

  • 98% reported that Ksnap use made them more a consistent shooter
  • 90% increased the back spin on the ball
  • 81% developed better timing on the release of a moving shot
  • 78% reported improved shooting range

Age 17 and up:

  • 90% reported Ksnap made them a more consistent shooter
  • 92% noticed increased back spin
  • 87% said they developed stronger shot release
  • 69% reported improved shooting range