There are numerous advantages in using the K-Snap device for improving softball skills.


Mechanics, bat speed and timing are critical components of a successful at bat. The snapping motion of the wrist is a key element of proper hitting form. The timing of that wrist snap is the most impactful component. Proper wrist extension and flexion can contribute to greater bat velocity, which equates to increased speed and distance.


K-Snap is a valuable asset to any developing pitcher. A pitcher’s repertoire needs to consist of a wide array of throwing variations. Strong wrist development and proper wrist snap timing can make the difference between a decent throw and a great pitch. Proper throwing mechanics and spin rate are key functionality for a successful pitcher. K-Snap helps a player develop their delivery timing by snapping the wrist at the appropriate point of release.


Every member of the softball team can benefit from the K-Snap mechanics of throwing. The timing of the wrist snap determines the direction of your throw. If the catcher times it right, she nails the player stealing second base. This timing has similar impact on all plays by the infielders and outfielders. An accurate throw is a key component of a successful softball games.

Practice, Timing, Consistency = Konfidence

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