Frequently Asked Questions

Wrap the K-Snap on your dominant playing wrist and secure it with the Velcro strap. It should feel snug on your wrist, but not too tight.  Next, apply the black plastic loop around the appropriate finger (listed below), based on the sport you are training for.  The last step is to attach the other end of the plastic strap to the base of the K-Snap.  You do this by pressing the strap onto the white stem. The hole you select will depend on the size and length of your hand.  The device should be adjusted on the wrist and knuckles to “snap” at the proper breaking point of the wrist.  If desired, the strap can be cut once the appropriate position of the strap is achieved. 

Baseball training uses the index/pointer finger.

Softball training uses the index/pointer finger.

Lacrosse training uses the index/pointer finger.

Football training uses the index/pointer finger.

Basketball training uses the middle finger.

Volleyball training uses the middle finger.

Golf training uses the thumb.

The Velcro strap is designed to be one size fits all. It allows you to adjust it based on the size of your wrist. The hook and loop closure allows you to adjust the tension based on the size of your hand and desired range of motion.

The effectiveness of the K-Snap will become evident very quickly.  With the first use of the K-Snap training device, you will be able to identify the optimal breaking point of an athlete’s wrist.  The sound of the click indicates the timing of the wrist’s breaking point in the throwing, shooting, or swinging motion.  If the wrist is breaking too early, the pitch will not accurately cross the plate, the basketball will miss the hoop, and the golf swing will go awry.  By fine tuning the timing of the wrist’s breaking motion, you fine tune the desired outcome of play!  The sound of the click and the physical resonation of the device’s snap help the player focus on the timing of the motion required to achieve maximum accuracy.

There is no set number of reps required, but the more the K-Snap is used, the better the training outcome.  The K-snap can be used in practice situations with live action play, or on its own with no ball, stick, or club in hand.  One can even practice with the K-Snap while not actively engaged in sports. 

Muscle memory is the ability to reproduce a particular movement without conscious thought, acquired as a result of frequent repetition of that movement. These motions become instinctive, something we do without planning, which allows us to move and play smarter and faster over time.

Muscles play a significant role in motor learning, combined with the central nervous system.  Every single movement made by the human body requires brain engagement.  While the frontal lobe of the brain controls movement, the cerebellum “fine-tunes” this movement. This area of the brain is responsible for fine motor movement, balance, and the brain’s ability to determine limb position. The repetition of movement triggers recognizable patterns responsible for motor skills. The K-Snap is a tool that helps generate muscle memory. 

K-Snap is designed to help users develop perfect form, consistency and timing of motion in Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Lacrosse, Volleyball, Cricket, football and any sport that involves the snapping of the wrist can benefit from K-Snap training.

The Velcro strap is made of neoprene and nylon.  The finger/knuckle strap is made from synthetic rubber. The snapping unit is made from a polyethylene plastic.

KSnap is in the process of increasing it’s video library. For a limited time, we will refund the product cost, minus shipping and handling to any buyer who submits a video of the unique player who purchased the KSnap using the product in training or practice setting.

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